Cambridgeshire victims given the chance to meet offenders


- Credit: Archant

An approach which reduced the re-offending rate across Cambridgeshire by 27 per cent has been re-launched as a way to help victims move on with their lives.

Cambridgeshire police have introduced restorative justice to give victims of crime the opportunity to meet those who have carried out an offence against them.

As a part of a re-launched scheme, restorative justice will now be offered to victims of any type of crime and at any point in the legal process, including after sentence.

Detective chief inspector Dominic Human said: “restorative justice is a part of the force’s commitment to putting victims at the heart of everything it does.

“Many victims may feel it is not for them but others may welcome the opportunity speak to the person who has offended against them.”

It aims to also help those who have committed a crime to recognise the impact of what they have done and allow them to make amends.

Restorative Justice was first introduced in Cambridgeshire in 2011 as a method of dealing with low-level crime, often young, first-time offenders.

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However restorative justice is no longer an alternative to prosecution but a voluntary meeting between a victim and an offender.

“It can be used for any crime and at any stage but it is entirely the victim’s decision and the offender must accept guilt.

“Statistics show that 85 per cent of victims who participate in RJ feel it is a positive experience and are more likely to be able to move on, while offenders are less likely to offend again – so it’s a win-win situation,” added DCI Human.

Anyone who would like to inquire about RJ should call 0800 7816818 or email