Cambridgeshire police to launch Central Intelligence Bureau in Huntingdon

CAMBRIDGESHIRE police will launch a new Central Intelligence Bureau (CIB), based in Huntingdon, will start operations at the end of the month.

The force’s new model was introduced on Monday and is designed to save the force money while targeting the specific issues and crimes in individual areas, it says.

There are now six policing teams aligned with the local authority boundaries of Huntingdonshire, Fenland, South Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, East Cambridgeshire and Cambridge city. Each district is run by an area commander and includes constables, detectives, PCSOs and special constables.

The teams will provide neighbourhood policing and initial responses to incidents and anti-social behaviour.

Chief Inspector Chris Mead, who runs the Huntingdonshire district, told The Hunts Post: “Although our structure is changing, the public should not notice a difference, and I have deliberately kept a number of officers in post to maintain continuity and ensure we have officers with local knowledge and experience.

“What the public should see is a much more locally focused policing team, working closely with our partners to understand the issues that area relevant to people and maintaining our commitment.”

In addition to the new local policing model, a new intelligence model is launched on April 30.

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The CIB will work from Hinchingbrooke to provide area commanders with information about priority crimes such as burglary.

The unit will be supported by a field intelligence team that will gather intelligence about crimes and offenders for a 30-officer-strong tactical team (TAC) team, which will provide the frontline response.

Inspector Ian Ford, who is leading the TAC team, said: “It’s very early days because we have only just started, but I’m very optimistic. We will be focusing on fast-time reaction for such things as search and arrest warrants, European arrest warrants and critical and major incidents.

“We are a force-wide resource and we aim to move to wherever we need to be within a short space of time.

“The teams are very excited about the challenges ahead, and I believe it will be a really effective and worthwhile team, which will be working towards a safer Cambridgeshire.”