Cambridgeshire police aim to raise awareness of domestic abuse with month-long campaign

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Cambridgeshire police appeal for information about lost war medal - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire police is launching a month-long domestic abuse awareness campaign.

The campaign, which will start on November 2, has been set up to highlight the signs of domestic abuse and encourage reporting.

Detective Inspector Chris O’Brien, said: “Cambridgeshire Constabulary, in conjunction with partner agencies, is absolutely committed to tackling domestic abuse and providing support to victims and perpetrators.

“We are aware that abuse often takes place behind closed doors. I want the campaign to get people talking about domestic abuse. Often, family or friends do not feel it is their place to intervene; talk to people about their relationships; or report abuse to authorities.

“Think about the signs of domestic abuse in the context of your family, friends or work colleagues. My message is that we can help and we want to help: domestic abuse will never be acceptable.”

Each week the campaign will focus on a different aspect of domestic abuse with the first week entitled ‘Know the signs.’

“The first week of the campaign highlights that domestic abuse is not confined to physical assaults – often there is a significant amount of psychological and emotional abuse that, whilst may not leave visible injuries, is none the less despicable,” added DI O’Brien.

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Week two aims to encourage people to ‘Break the Cycle’ of domestic abuse and ‘Take the First Step’ towards receiving help and support.

Week three of the campaign will highlight the multi-agency approach taken to tackling domestic abuse, focusing on how Cambridgeshire Constabulary works with partner agencies to help and support those experiencing domestic; and bring perpetrators of domestic abuse to justice.

The final week of the campaign will focus on Clare’s Law; the Home Office domestic violence disclosure scheme.