“We are ready to return to work, but not without anxiety and concern,” headteacher Tim Smith.

A headteacher from Cambourne has raised concerns about opening his school on June 1.

Tim Smith, headteacher of The Beeches Primary School in Peterborough, is one of many headteachers across the country who received guidance at the weekend.

The announcement from Boris Johnson on Sunday night that schools can reopen to some year groups from June 1, has left many teachers wondering how on earth social distancing can be applied in schools.

Mr Smith said: “We are working very hard on versatility, along with all school leaders.

“From Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday night, this was completely new news to us.

“We had no prior warning at all, and we are now planning for one year group to go back first, which is Year 6.

“We are relying on Government advice and putting a lot of trust in them and their guidance.

“It goes against many original guidelines that were put in place, of social distancing, because it will be very difficult for primary school children to social distance within school.”

Mr Smith said about 40 per cent of his staff would not be able to work from June 1, which posed another set of challenges. “Staff who are able to return will effectively have mini classes in school,” he said.

“Many key workers have lost their lives, and this is quite worrying, and I am effectively asking people to return to work at risk.

“I am encouraging parents and staff, that we will do everything we can to create a high standard of health and safety within the school.

“It is better for children to be in school for educational needs and interacting with other children, but health is the most important thing.

“We are ready to return to work, but not without anxiety and concern.”

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