Call made to replace ‘incorrect’ street sign in Huntingdon

Atlee Terrace, Huntingdon,

Atlee Terrace, Huntingdon, - Credit: Archant

Red-faced officials are refusing to replace a road sign in Huntingdon after they spelt the name of a former British Prime Minister incorrectly.

The naming of Atlee Terrace, off Buttsgrove Way, should have been a fitting tribute to the former post-war politician Clement Attlee.

The road sign error was pointed out by a nearby resident who is incredulous that the mistake could have occurred, considering the part Mr Attlee played in history, but so far, housing authority Luminus is refusing to even acknowledge its mistake.

James Dalgleish, of King’s Ripton Road, says Luminus has refused to reply to his letters and has still not returned his phone calls, despite promising to do so.

In a letter to The Hunts Post he said; “Luminus have failed to even give me the courtesy of a reply.

“I hope by publicising the matter it will shame them into making the necessary correction. Not to do so would be an insult to Clem Attlee.”

Luminus, however, claims that “certain names have alternative spellings” and says it cannot justify the cost of replacing the street sign.

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In a statement, it said: “Street names are approved by the post office and local councils, and bear references to various themes, including places, plants, colours and people currently living or from history. Certain names have alternative spellings and this would appear to be such a case. Changing the spelling on the many records that apply to any particular address, which are held by residents, business organisations and others, would require approval by the relevant authorities, would be costly and would not be justifiable.”


Should Luminus replace the road sign? Write to The Hunts Post at 30 High Street, Huntingdon, PE19 3TB or email: