Call for ‘thoughtless’ drivers to think twice before parking illegally

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service has also raised issues with problem parking in the centre of

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service has also raised issues with problem parking in the centre of St Ives. Picture: CFRS - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire Constabulary says it is trying to crack down on illegal parking in the centre of St Ives after receiving complaints about people leaving their cars on double yellow lines.

The problem parking has seen residents unable to catch busses and fire engines have also struggled to access the centre of the town because of cars being parked illegally.

St Ives resident Leonard White, 75, told The Hunts Post he had struggled to catch his bus due to cars parking in the bus lane.

He said: “I am frequently forced to stand in the road to be seen by the bus driver, as cars are parking where the bus should stop.

“At the age of 75, I really don’t want to be stood in the road trying to catch a bus, especially not in the rain.

“I think the council just needs to ticket all the cars down that road, and then hopefully it will put them off parking there because it is so dangerous.”

Parking on a double yellow line can result in a £70 fine, and even having a car towed if it is parked in a dangerous position.

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Cambridgeshire police said they were aware of the situation in the town and called on residents to think again before parking on double yellow lines.

Chris Shaw, police support volunteer, said: “Illegal parking on roads where there are yellow-line restrictions is a problem in St Ives town centre and, everyday, officers issue fixed penalty notices to motorists who ignore the regulations.

“Flouting the parking laws may seem trivial to a driver who may think that parking on a yellow line for a short time while they nip out to post a letter or dash into a shop doesn’t cause anyone any inconvenience, but this is not the case.

“This is really thoughtless and selfish behaviour by the drivers who leave their cars parked on the yellow lines that could very easily lead to an injury or worse.

“Police officers will continue to patrol the streets in the town centre and issue fixed penalty notices wherever they discover cars parked illegally.

“Don’t risk a fine or penalty points on your licence, or the possibility of someone being injured because of your thoughtfulness. A short walk and an 80-pence parking charge are worth it to avoid spoiling your, or someone else’s day.”