Rallying cry to put Green issues on the agenda before climate breakdown

Daniel Laycock (pictured far left) wants to get green issues debated

Daniel Laycock (pictured far left) wants to get green issues debated - Credit: Archant

Green issues are not being debated in Huntingdonshire and they need to be, was the rallying cry at a public meeting in Huntingdon on March 13.

The call came from Daniel Laycock after he was elected leader of the newly relaunched Huntingdonshire Green Party.

“We are facing an unprecedented time in our lifetime, where we have 12 years to reduce our climate emissions before a huge breakdown will happen and which will be irreversible“ he said.

“And that’s why the Green Party is so important across Huntingdonshire.”

Mr Laycock is confident the party will bring Green issues back into the spotlight across the district.

At a meeting, the local party held its annual general meeting at the Priory Centre in St Neots, where it elected a new executive committee.

“The formation of the new committee shows that the Green Movement has not been distinguished in the region but Green issues are at the forefront of the Green Party,” said Mr Laycock.

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“The Green Party is back in Huntingdonshire. We’re needed more then ever in Huntingdonshire, as we are facing a global catastrophe with a Climate Breakdown, a Brexit chaos with huge uncertainty for thousands of people and businesses across Huntingdonshire and residents not being represented from the other political parties.”

Mr Laycock added: “As a newly relaunched party we have big plans for the coming months and years, as we look to build the local party up and campaign on many issues.

“Our agenda includes alerting all levels of local government to climate breakdown and we are urging Huntingdonshire District Council and every town council to act and declare a climate emergency.”

He said the Green Party in Huntingdonshire and across Cambridgeshire would contest the next county and mayoral elections.

St Neots Town Council voted unanimously to support a motion calling on the Government to declare a climate emergency at a meeting held on February 26. Huntingdon Town Council meets on April 4 to discuss passing the same motion and joining all tiers of local government in putting pressure on the government to act.