How are businesses in Huntingdonshire helping those in Ukraine?

Bags of donations for Ukraine on front garden of a house in West Hampstead

Just 24 hours after organising the appeal, aid donated by local people filled two cars. - Credit: Iryna Lewis

Several businesses in and around Huntingdonshire are taking donations in the form of clothes, food and money to aid the Ukraine crisis. 

The escalation to war in Ukraine has transformed the lives of many people and families who have now been left without the basic necessities to survive as they flee from conflict.

How can I help Ukraine?

People can donate a variety of different items if they would like to help the cause.

The best items to donate include paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin and other first-aid supplies, Ovaltine, hot chocolate, protein bars, porridge, oats, nappies, sanitary towels, toiletries, and warm clothes - hats, scarves, gloves or thermals for adults, children and babies.

Vets1 in Downham Market and King's Lynn has been collecting items for Ukraine.

Vets1 in Downham Market and King's Lynn has been collecting items for Ukraine, which will be transported to St Olga'c Church in Peterborough. - Credit: Vets1

Who has been collecting items?

Brittains the Furnishers 

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Brittains, an independent furnishing retailer in St Neots, appealed to the public, asking for bedding, clothes, and non-perishable food to be dropped off at the store.

The shop asked for all donations to be dropped off by Thursday at 5:00pm, but such was the magnitude of donations given that they couldn't take anymore and stopped accepting donations on Wednesday.

Paul Bauer from St. Neots St. Mary's Rotary Club is organising the goods to be transported to the Red Cross Foundation.

Polish Saturday School

The Polish Saturday School in Huntingdon has organised a collection for Ukraine. 

The most needed and requested items are batteries, torches, candles, shoes, nappies, dressings (plasters, bandages), bedding (duvets, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets), and no clothes or food items.

The school are collecting donations on Saturday 5th March 2022 between 8.00 and 12.00 at St John's Primary School.

Le Mark Group

Le Mark Group, a manufacturing company in Huntingdon, are collecting donations for the Polish Saturday school to send to Ukraine and ask for the same items.

All donations have to be delivered by 5.00pm on Friday 5 March to Le Mark Group, where they will deliver to the White Eagle Club in London for delivery to the Polish Ukraine border.

However, the support has been so great that Le Mark is appealing for more transportation to help deliver all of the items.

Trevor Saunders, Bradie Hubbard and volunteers from Mandalay Wellbeing.

Trevor Saunders (left), volunteers from Mandalay Wellbeing CIC and Tesco Caister store manager Bradie Hubbard (right) are working together to help distribute essentials to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. - Credit: James Weeds

St Neots Golf Club

The Golf Club is collecting medical items, bandages, energy bars, nappies, antiseptic wipes, and more to be delivered to St Augustine Chapel in Peterborough to be sent to Ukraine.

The response has been far greater than first anticipated, and member Nick Mills who is organising the collections, said they will keep going and collect items next week as long as people are still prepared to give.

Top End Stores

The Little Staughton store is collecting small toys, baby clothes, baby food, notebooks, pens, pencils, toilet rolls, and nappies.

The store will act as a collection point from which the items will be taken to a distribution depot.

The items will be picked up tomorrow, and collections will run again next week for those who wish to donate. 

If you, or your business, is collecting any items and coordinating support to those in Ukraine, please get in touch with