Village shop awarded a grant to buy a new freezer

Chair of the Grafham Community Shop committee in Huntingdon, Martin Joyner, with the new freezer.

Chair of the Grafham Community Shop committee, Martin Joyner, with the new freezer. - Credit: Grafham Community Shop

The Grafham Community Shop has received a £1,000 grant from the Hopkins Plunkett Communities scheme, allowing them to replace their old failing freezer.

The scheme supports new and established community businesses across several regions, including Cambridgeshire.

Chairman of the shop's committee, Martin Joyner, said: "The Hopkins Plunkett support is enormously helpful.

"The new freezer is also more efficient, so the shop’s electricity use should reduce."

The Community Shop provides a convenience store service to the small village of Grafham (260 houses).

The shop gives voluntary work opportunities for local residents, young & old, and functions as a place for people to meet & chat with their neighbours.

Thanks to the help from Hopkins Plunkett and summer visitors, the non-profit-making shop can survive and keep providing a service to locals.

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The Hopkins Plunkett Communities Scheme focuses on getting one-to-one support to community groups.

The company is committed to leaving a positive legacy on the built environment to enhance communities.