UK solar subsidiary expands westwards

PROSOLIA UK, one of the fastest-growing solar energy companies in Europe, has moved its UK operation to the Knowledge Centre at Wyboston Lakes from Cambourne, where it was established less that a year ago.

The move follows significant success for the Spanish parent, with UK turnover exceeding �12 million, leading to the need for larger offices to cope with the rapid growth.

The company set up the UK operation last October to design, install and manage large scale solar-powered renewable energy systems that range from commercial rooftop installations to large ground-based solar farms covering up to 35 acres.

Head of Prosolia UK Peter Collins commented, “Our success underlines the importance of solar farms as a viable source of renewable energy, which is fed directly into the National Grid to help achieve the UK’s renewable targets for the future.

“It also makes economic sense, as the landowner receives a guaranteed rental for 25 years, which is double the income he would earn by farming the land, and he doesn’t have to lift a finger.”

Solar farms are a less intrusive alternative to wind turbines as once installed, the solar panels are not a scar on the landscape, nor do they have any moving parts or produce emissions or noise. They generate electricity from simple daylight, so they provide a consistent power supply despite the vagaries of the British weather.

The firm plans to add four people to its seven-strong workforce over the coming year.