Olive Naturally Indian are Eynesbury FC's new sponsors

Olive Indian in St Neots have sponsored Eynesbury Rovers FC

Olive Indian in St Neots are the main new sponsor for Eynesbury Rovers FC football club. - Credit: HUNTS POST

St Neots restaurant Olive Naturally Indian have become Eynesbury FC football club's new sponsor. 

The restaurant has also helped to provide the team with a new football kit. 

On September 11, Olive Indian joined the managers of the team to celebrate, before a match kicked off in the afternoon. 

Manager, Abul Choudry said: “We have been really fond of promoting and supporting the Rovers going forward. 

“Within these grounds you have some rising stars, most of these players are in the premier league.  

“They had a small football ground to start with and with financial support they were able to progress further.  

"I think it’s fantastic that we can support players to go to and achieve a higher level.  

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“That’s the great thing about networking and helping one another, we want to be the best sponsor and to be able to promote them.” 

Olive Indian hope that in the future they will be able to support others within the town.