St Ives law firm re-brands ahead of ‘Tesco law’

ST IVES law firm Winters Legal will next week rebrand itself in advance of the impending ‘Tesco law’ free-for-all, which is due to start in October.

On Thursday, the firm will be launched as part of the QualitySolicitors brand, which aims to have one firm in every town and city in the UK.

“We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen,” partner Paul Burrows told The Hunts Post ahead of its becoming one of almost 200 QualitySolicitors.

With changes to the way legal services can be marketed – ‘Tesco law’ has been described as being to lawyers what the 1986 ‘Big Bang’ was to the City – the range of services that can be provided by non-lawyers is to be extended, and grocery chains and others will be allowed to offer legal services.

But Mr Burrows believes clients will still be better served by traditional law firms boosted by customer-service improvements, including staying open at lunchtimes and opening of Saturday mornings – times at which clients are more likely to be able to visit them. The firm will be re-branded as Quality Solicitors Winters.

“We remain a totally independent law firm, but can now offer all the additional benefits that come with being part of the UK’s Number one legal brand,” Mr Burrows said.

“At the moment, choosing a solicitor is a bit of a leap in the dark. By the time clients have found out what quality of service they are getting it may be too late to change.”

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The branding is aimed at promising a consistent level of service, with many services charged at fixed prices.

QualitySolicitors promise a free first consultation, no hidden costs, a same-day response and direct contact with a lawyer.

“People need to know they are dealing with a professional they can trust.”

Being a small firm is also an advantage, Mr Burrows believes. “In a large firm, it’s easy to lose sight of the client’s overall picture.

“For example, I was recently acting for a management buyout team, when the other side had five different sets of lawyers who sometimes didn’t speak to each other. That put me at an advantage when I was dealing with someone looking after only one aspect of the deal.”