Shopper takes aim at supermarket over ‘rubbish build-up’

Rubbish at Tesco in Huntingdon

Rubbish at Tesco in Huntingdon - Credit: Archant

A customer of Tesco in Huntingdon has spoken out about a growing amount of litter building up around the store.

Jodie Twose, of Church Lane, in Little Stukeley, contacted the company on March 13 to highlight the amount of rubbish scattered around the outside of its branch in Abbots Ripton Road.

The ecologist was told a team would be sent out that afternoon to clear up the plastic, glass and paper that had been gradually building up in the bushes.

“It is my local Tesco and I go up there every week and every week it was getting worse and on Sunday (March 12) this was enough,” said Ms Twose.

Ms Twose went up to the super-market the following Thursday (March 16) and, to her surprise, the rubbish hadn’t been cleared.

“Tesco are a large, profit-making company with a huge responsibility for the local environment. It is completely and utterly wrong,” she said.

“It is nesting bird season and all this stuff that is there is really hazardous to a number of species.”

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Ms Twose said the rubbish could also be hazardous to hedgehogs which have recently

come out of hibernation as they may cut their feet on the broken glass.

“It doesn’t bode well, it is on their own back yard. To have it maintained I don’t think that is a big deal,” Ms Twose added.

A Tesco spokesman told The Hunts Post: “Our colleagues work hard to ensure the car

park is free from litter at our store.

“We’re sorry that it is some-times difficult to ensure it is free from rubbish at all times, and ask that people use the bins provided.