Rapid sales growth prompts St Ives move to bigger premises

AN increase in sales of 40 per cent over the past two years prompted a move to larger premises for a St Ives company.

But Cambridge Sensotec, which makes sensitive gas analysers, did not have to move far to get the extra space – from Burrel Road to Stephenson Road, on St Ives Industrial Estate.

Managing director Mark Swetnam, pictured, centre, with St Ives deputy mayor Councillor Debbie Townsend and her husband Peter at a party to celebrate the move, said: “As our products continue to be adopted into new markets and our company continues to grow, we needed to find the right facility in the right location for our evolving business.

“It makes great sense for our company to select another location in St Ives, as it remains a convenient location for staff, customers and local suppliers, and has excellent travel links. The increased size and warehousing space will continue to improve Cambridge Sensotec’s efficiency, products and service to our customers.”