Hail Weston firm driving track and trace technology

Tensor in Hail Weston is developing track and trace technology.

Tensor in Hail Weston is developing track and trace technology. - Credit: Tensor Plc

A Hail Weston firm has reported a growing interest in its staff monitoring products - which include a track and trace capacity - as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tensor offers a range of attendance and access control systems and has now added the ability to tackle Covid-19 monitoring.

Alex Vochin, from the firm, said: “We developed it in the middle of last year and we are getting a lot of interest.

“It gives the ability to record an employee’s movements and decide whether or not to allow them access to a particular area so they do not affect other people.”

He said the system meant users could ensure Government regulations on Covid-19 were being followed in the workplace. 

The system involves access control and time and attendance solutions as well as temperature screening. It enables the business to track the movements of people with infections on-site as well as tracing people who have been in contact with them and offers touch-free door entry and exit.

Tensor’s system also enables the monitoring of staff working times in the office, on-site or working from home.

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In addition it can show when staff are free from infection and are able to work across a site.

Tensor said their feature allowed employees to be marked with several statuses, including ‘vaccinated’, which can then be used however the company wishes as part of their workforce management policies.

The firm, which has been running for nearly 30 years, is an award-winning enterprise which designs, manufactures and installs security access controls, attendance monitoring and energy management systems.
It saw Covid-19 monitoring as a natural fit with the rest of the system.