Crunch meeting to discuss 'dangerous junctions' on A14

Shailesh Vara is meeting with Highways to discuss junctions along the A14

Shailesh Vara MP is meeting with Highways to discuss junctions along the A14. - Credit: ARCHANT

Calls for improvements to junctions on the A14 where traffic flows are said to have increased following the construction of the £1.5 billion upgrade of the road are being made by an MP.

Shailesh Vara, whose North West Cambridgeshire constituency contains the stretch of A14 in question, said the road was busy and that junctions to some of the villages along it were dangerous.

He has arranged a crunch meeting with Martin Fellows, regional director for Highways England, where residents will be able to raise concerns about the safety of the junctions.

Mr Vara, who will chair the meeting, said: “The A14 is a very busy road and the junctions to a number of the villages are dangerous to road users. This needs to be addressed and it is important that residents are able to directly put their concerns to Highways England. 

“I am grateful to Martin Fellows for agreeing to meet with us and I very much hope that we can agree a way forward which will ensure greater safety for all concerned.”

He said: “As well as working towards a longer-term solution, I hope that in the meantime Highways England can be persuaded to take some short-term action to make the junctions safer than they currently are.”

Mr Vara is working with district and county councillor Ian Gardener who is calling for improvements made to alleviate the hazards that villagers currently experience. 

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The MP has been contacted by a number of residents and parish councils who are trying to improve the safety at the Bythorn and Keyston, Brington, Molesworth, Ellington, Easton, Catworth, Spaldwick and Leighton Bromswold junctions, all of which have by dangerous joining and crossing points on the trunk road.

Martin Fellows, from Highways England, said: “We appreciate the desire for local parish councils to secure improvements to this section of the A14 and we’re engaging with them to understand their particular concerns about these junctions.

“While our monitoring of road safety doesn’t show any significant safety issues at these junctions, we’re sympathetic to their concerns. Therefore, we’re currently investigating options for appropriate short-term minor safety improvements.”

Cllr Ian Gardener said: “I have been working with the parish councils along the A14 and our MP to get improvements to the A14 Junctions between Ellington and Keyston/Bythorn as they are difficult to enter and exit due to their design and the speed and volume of traffic on the A14.