Entering business awards can often be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be.

The Hunts Post Business Awards 2018. Picture: ROB MORRISThe Hunts Post Business Awards 2018. Picture: ROB MORRIS

To help you make sure your entry gets the recognition it deserves, we have come up with a few great tips on how to put together an inspiring entry the judges will remember:

Read the criteria thoroughly then read them again. When writing a submission it is easy to get side tracked.

The submission must be factual and easy to read. The judges have a lot of information to digest so make it as easy as possible.

Get a second opinion. Writing a submission can be intensive and the person writing it can become too close to the project.

Have someone proofread it, or go back to it after a couple of days.

Provide evidence: put together a solid case with evidence. You can supply two pieces of quantitative supporting documentation, from graphs and charts to marketing literature or testimonials.

Tell the story make it an inspiring read, written from the heart. If you are passionate about your business it will come through.

Of course, an essential factor not to forget is to make sure your entry is submitted on time.

Save the date of our ceremony, Friday, November 1, at the Burgess Hall in St Ives.

Entries for the 2019 Hunts Post Business Awards must be received by Monday, September 2.

Although this may seem a long time away now, the deadline will soon creep up on you.

To save yourself from rushing at the last minute and potentially making errors or leaving something crucial out or indeed from missing out completely on entering, why not start on your submission today?

It then will give you plenty of time to gather the evidence you need, present it clearly, and proofread it at least twice before hitting send.

The Hunts Post Business Awards are free to enter and you can submit up to three entries. Shout about your successes today.

To find out more about the awards, download an entry pack or submit your entry online, visit huntsbusinessawards.co.uk.