Hunts consultancy based on 30 years in manufacturing

HUNTINGDON businessman Phil Cox has launched Positive Business Development, an enterprise that sees him go inside small and medium-sized businesses to assess their operational performance and deliver straight-talking advice.

“Most businesses can improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs, but this can be difficult to identify,” said Mr Cox.

“Positive Business Development is about examining management information processes from the inside, and having the industry experience to know when – and how – things could be done more effectively, working with the management team.”

Based locally but working throughout the UK, the enterprise draws on Mr Cox’s 30 years of working ‘inside and alongside’ manufacturing firms, and focuses on helping those that have the vision to invest in growth, he said.

“Firms need to look at their systems, processes, employees and management information. This way, they can get more out of what they already have, and be in a strong position to ‘reap the harvest’ as the economy improves. Otherwise these companies will be left behind.”