A Huntingdon-based mortgage company is offering a helping hand to anyone in need of support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cambridgeshire Money launched the scheme so that those struggling with everyday tasks could give them a call.

It could be anything from shopping, picking up prescriptions, cutting the lawn or being taken to and from an appointment.

Corey Whelan, director, said that he wanted to get involved with “all the great work everyday people are doing to help each other”.

He said: “Things are quieter at the minute so I wanted to give something back to those in need.

“People are struggling getting delivery slots for shopping; so I don’t mind going to the supermarket for them or even taking them to an appointment.

“Or it could just be cutting the lawn and a bit of gardening.

“If I can help in any way then I will.”

To get in touch with Corey call him on: 07462746747 or email: corey@cambs-money.co.uk.