Hunts business award winner moves to 12-hour support

A NEW Year resolution from award-winning IT support company BrightVisions means customers now have access to 12 full hours of support each day as part of its standard support packages – a 50 per cent increase.

The change will allow BrightVisions’ clients to call from 7am right through to 7pm.

The 12-hour service was devised in response to research carried out by the Hunts Post Business Award winner, which showed companies often started work before 9am and would likewise work into the evening too, according to Business Development Manager, Matt Bunnage.

“BrightVisions is a customer orientated organisation, dedicated to proving value to their customers, and decided the changes should be implemented – but furthermore we wouldn’t increase customer pricing despite extending the hours of service by 50 per cent.”

He said the prospect of the new service had been welcomed by BrightVisions clients and hailed as a great idea with great benefits.

He added: “BrightVisions already has an excellent reputation for customer service and impeccable customer retention record, but we always look for areas where we can go the extra mile. Extending our hours of support is a great way of adding more value to our clients and also another factor making BrightVisions different in the market place.”

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