Huntingdonshire ladies set up boutique tea house

ENGLAND is a nation of tea-lovers – and two Earith women are hoping to cash in on our thirst for the popular beverage.

Years of travel gave 24-year-old Sofia Ward and her business partner, Marta Czarniewska, 29, the chance to sample traditions and blends from around the world – and they are now hoping to broaden Huntingdonshire’s horizons.

On their return to Huntingdonshire they decided to start up their own tea business, reflecting the global tea culture, and Samovar Tea House was born.

Former English teacher Sofia said: “I spent time living in Russia and Latvia, where they have the most amazing tea houses. We also both spent time living in China, where drinking tea is a very communal event.

“Apart from both enjoying tea, we love the fact that it can be both a solitary experience and a social one.

“Appreciation of tea is something we would like to educate people in through our tea house.”

The women, who taste each tea before ordering, source their leaves from China, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa, among other places.

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They also pride themselves on inventing their own blends.

“We have a dedicated area where we customise and invent blends – sometimes to order,” Sofia continued.

”We’re really proud we are able to customise our own tea and sell it as our own brand.”

The pair currently sell their wares at Cambridge and Ely markets, and via their online tea house.

“We aim to have an actual tea house in the near future,” Sofia added. “At the moment we do charity events, fairs and markets.”

What these women don’t know about tea isn’t worth knowing, so when asked that all important question “Do you put the milk in before the tea or after?” the answer was loud and clear.

“Not at all,” said Sofia.

“The reason people put milk in tea is because it tastes so awful without it – milk masks the flavour.

“It you have a high quality tea, you shouldn’t need milk at all.”

That’s us told!