Firm says four-day week for employees is providing good results

The team at Butcher Bayley Architects enjoy a four-day week.

The team at Butcher Bayley Architects enjoy a four-day week. - Credit: BUTCHER BAYLEY

Many people will have enjoyed shorter working weeks over the Easter break, but a firm of architects has decided to make the four-day week a permanent feature of its business.

Butcher Bayley Architects (BBA), based in Yaxley, began a trial in August, 2020, and are leading the way alongside other businesses as part of the Four Day Week Week Campaign.

BBA directors and co-founders Luke Butcher and Carrie Bayley have cemented the change after seeing positive results within their team, becoming one of only two architecture practices to be gold accredited.

Speaking about the move, Luke Butcher, said: “I think the Covid pandemic challenged a lot of our ideas about traditional ways of working – at a company level and as a society. At Butcher Bayley Architects, we decided to embrace the change and look at how we could cement a good work-life balance for our team.”

The Four Day Week Campaign is seeking to shake up our traditional approach to 9-5 working. The gold accreditation represents the successful implementation of a permanent 32 hour (or less) four-day week, with a reduction of hours and no loss of pay.