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Lock-down has taken its toll on relationships says Tony Larkins, owner of the Beacon Wealth Group.

Lock-down has taken its toll on relationships says Tony Larkins, owner of the Beacon Wealth Group. - Credit: BEACON WEALTH

A year in lock-down has been a very stressful time for many and could be likened to a practice run for retirement – giving people an insight into what life is going to be like when they give up work.

Whilst some are happy with the prospect of retirement and spending time with another person, some may have decided they don’t like what they see and want to make a change

Going through a divorce can be a worrying time, both emotionally and financially, and finding the right family lawyer is important - one who understands your needs and with whom you trust. 

A recent report has highlighted some interesting findings in that they appear to show a number of inequalities when it comes to splitting the finances and many women do not seem to receive their fair share. Men were also complaining at having given away too much, or vice-versa. It also highlights that, invariably women have less in savings and due to wage disparity, less opportunity to recoup more.

Pensions are usually either the largest or second largest asset to the main home, and normally grow by more than the home; and yet, most men seldom lose any or much of their pension in a settlement.

Although other assets are taken instead, I have found the true value of the pension is sometimes understated, given some can be valued in more than one way. L&G recent figures claim only three per cent of divorcing individuals actually seek independent financial advice, and few financial advisers actually hold the advanced QCA Level Six pension qualification.

In the cases I have been involved in, I don’t think I have ever seen an adviser representing the spouse.

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If you, or someone you know is going through a divorce it is worth having a conversation with an experienced and suitably qualified adviser.

As I said, lock-down has been difficult for some, and in these current circumstances I would expect enquiries to family lawyers to grow significantly, and also expect pension enquiries to increase from individuals and potentially solicitors.