HUNTINGDONSHIRE businesses have been called upon to work together to stimulate growth in the local and national economy.

John Bridge OBE, chief executive of the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, issued the rallying call at the Driving Business Confidence event at Alconbury Weald on Friday (January 25).

"We have to believe that something is possible. If we don't then it won't happen," he told the audience. "The message is that we can add one and one and make six if we work in partnership.

"Working in partnership will drive business forward and maximise opportunities to help wealth creation which is key to raising money for services and infrastructure to provide further growth."

Keynote speaker Professor Alan Barrell, of Judge Business School, Cambridge, said: "The key word is cohesion. We are losing out on business around the world to others that are working together.

"The cross-border Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen triangle has made strides to become the top technology hub in the world and we have the potential here - from Cambridge to Peterborough and the towns and villages in between - to form a consortium to compete and lead the recovery of the national economy."

The chambers also launched its re-branding at the event to further identify themselves with the British Chambers of Commerce.

Mr Bridge said: "As one of 55 chambers across the UK to be accredited to the British Chambers of Commerce, our members are already part of one of the most influential business groups in the UK. By aligning our branding with the BCC, we believe that we are reinforcing that strength."