An impressive 341 new businesses have been set up during lockdown in Huntingdonshire – but more than three times the number of firms have filed for insolvency compared to the same period last year.

Analysis shows that 18 companies have filed for insolvency in the district since March, compared with five in 2019.

But new businesses have been registered in fields such as online shopping and management consultancy.

The Shared Data Unit analysed data from the London Gazette, the official journal of record that carries notices of corporate insolvencies.

They also found a resurgence in new businesses being set up during lockdown, with more than 200,000 companies registering in the UK from April to June.

A HM Treasury spokesperson said: “As the economy re-opens, we will continue to look at how to adjust our support in a way that ensures people can get back to work, protecting both the UK economy and the livelihoods of people across the country.”