Watersport application for lake at Hemingford Grey

Pathfinder House in Huntingdon.

Pathfinder House in Huntingdon. - Credit: ARCHANT

A watersports organisation has launched a bid to install a second wakeboarding cable at its lake in Hemingford Grey.
The cable - which pulls a rider across the lake on a special board using a motorised winch instead of a motorboat - would enhance facilities offered at the lake by operator Liquid Skillz. 
Liquid Skillz has applied to Huntingdonshire District Council for permission to install the cable, together with a control shed and a viewing hut at the lake where nearby residents have raised concerns about noise.
Liquid Skillz wants to use the new cable for commercial operations in line with permission it was granted which restricts activities to between March 21 and October 31 - but it also seeking private use throughout the year.
In a noise impact assessment submitted as part of the application, operators said the second wakeboarding cable would not have any noise impact on anyone living near the lake.
It said: “The maximal cumulative operational noise levels fall well short of accepted guidelines and would represent an insignificant level of noise impact.”
The extra wakeboarding cable would include support towers measuring nine metres high, planners acting for Liquid Skillz said.
“This application seeks full planning permission for further enhancements to existing water-based activities at Liquid Skillz,” the application said.
“A second wakeboard line is to be constructed approximately 20m to the northeast of the existing line and parallel to it. The line will be supported on either shore of the lake by lattice towers measuring 9m in height and will be anchored via cables buried in concrete blocks.”
The application said: “A shed is to be constructed to the north west of the proposed southern shore wakeboard tower to house the motor used to pull the line. 
“An oval viewing hut will be erected to the east of the aforementioned wakeboard tower to shelter clients waiting to use the proposed line.”
The application said an elevated wooden walkway would be built along the shoreline and would link the wakeboard line and viewing hut facilities with existing amenities.
Around 1,500 saplings have already been planted at the lake, with 600 more in the pipeline.