Digital health company leads the way in technology to measure how we live

Activinsights in Kimbolton give a professional insight into people's lifestyles

Activinsights in Kimbolton give a professional insight into people's lifestyles - Credit: Activinsights

A digital health company in Kimbolton makes wearable technology to measure physical behaviour in a bid to find better healthcare strategies.

Activinsights give a professional insight into people's lifestyles by measuring, managing and analysing behavioural data to build digital health services.  

Their technologies are used worldwide within the clinical trials, health management and public health. 

Based on the Bicton Industrial Estate, Activinsights is experienced in data analytics and wearable technology.  

They launched GENEActiv in 2010 based after years of research and development. It was the world’s first dedicated, raw data, wrist-worn accelerometer.  

Since that time, Activinsights has worked with more than 200 leading research institutions around the world to build a mix of technical expertise, large-scale deployment service experience and data analysis knowledge. 

“We design, manufacture and deploy professional wearables for lifestyle measurement outside of the clinic environment,” an company spokesperson said. 

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“Our expertise in the analysis and management of personal behavioural data from wearables, smartphones, and other internet of things devices is recognised globally by our customers, sponsors and standards bodies.  

“This experience has built our knowledge base while also validating our products and data services.  

“We have privacy-by-design data infrastructures and use rigorous open protocols to manage sensitive behavioural information securely and transparently.” 

Global challenges of heart disease, respiratory diseases, obesity, diabetes and ageing populations are pushing all countries to develop new models of healthcare provision.  

The pharmaceutical sector is also developing treatments in areas such as oncology, autoimmune and inflammatory disease. 

Activinsights say that human behaviour has a “predominant impact” across all these areas and is “critical to both curative and preventative healthcare strategies”.  

“We give medical practitioners, researchers and healthcare providers the tools to measure, manage and analyse lifestyle data accurately,” the company said. 

“Our world leading platform supports clinical trials, population research, diagnosis, personalised medicine, rehabilitation, lifestyle management and behaviour change programmes.” 

Activinsights simplify remote data collection to support patients and professionals - building new partnerships based on responsible data management in key markets. 

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