�7.8k levy on average new Hunts home

A SCHEME that will extend developer contributions to infrastructure, currently confined to major developments, to all new homes in Huntingdonshire is expected to come into force in the spring, following independent examination by a Government inspector.

The district council is proposing to charge developers of new houses a ‘community infrastructure levy’ of �85 per square metre of new internal floor space, adding around �7,800 to the cost of an average sized new house.

There are different rates for retail, business development, hotels, nursing homes, agricultural buildings and health facilities, and the levy will not be charged on normal household extensions.

Councillor Nick Guyatt, the council’s deputy leader, said: “This new levy will benefit all Huntingdonshire residents by helping to raise funds towards different kinds of community infrastructure across the district in a fair and transparent manner.

“The funds raised will be used for a wide variety of projects including roads, transport, education, health, sport and recreational facilities.”