Employees at a construction company in Huntingdon welcomed an NHS Blood and Transplant team as part of a drive to encourage more people to become donors.

Mick George, which has its headquarters in Huntingdon, saw dozens of staff members register to give blood as part of the initiative.

Jon Stump, finance director, said: "The interest and uptake on the day was pleasing to see, and recognises the real value in the service offering. We were delighted to welcome the NHS and would hope, and recommend other local businesses to follow suit."

Some staff members were celebrated as part of the visit for their commitment to donating, including commercial waste account manger Andrew Goode, who has been donating blood for almost 40 years and is closing in on 75 pints.

Another donor who was recognised was commercial director Stuart Elliot who has given 25 pints. His donations have been used for 'special protein' helping to treat new born babies on neo-natal hospital wards.