Burglar jailed for breaking into college an hour after being bailed

A THIEF broke into Huntingdonshire Regional College just an hour after being released on bail by officers investigating a previous break-in at the same building.

Simon Rea, 29, was arrested on suspicion of breaking into the college’s gymnasium and going through students’ lockers on January 6, but was released on bail to return to Huntingdon police station at the end of the month.

But with an hour of his release, Rea was back at the college where he broke into a shed at The Plant Centre, causing �200 of damage, and stole a crowbar, claw hammer, screwdriver, pair of gloves, a plastic bag and some chocolate bars.

Giles Beaumont, prosecuting, said that Rea, of no fixed abode, had stolen the tools to break into a derelict or an abandoned building to stay the night.

David Potter, mitigating, said: “This is an extremely intelligent man whose actions were a matter of desperation than of anything else.”

Rea, who broke the terms of release from prison was remanded in custody after the break-in on January 12, and was sentenced to 18 weeks in jail by Huntingdon magistrates.

Tracy Sortwell, presiding, said: “As an intelligent man, you should use the time to find something to do when you are released.”