Buglife helps Anglian Water to create wildflower zones

WILDFLOWER zones will be created at Anglian Water’s Huntingdon headquarters in an attempt to improve the area for wildlife.

A drought resistant garden will also be installed at the site to provide a vital habitat for bugs, butterflies and bees.

Grassed areas in Grammar School Walk will be dug up and seeded with a mixture of wildflowers, while at the rear of the building a bug hotel made from old water pipes will be home to various creepy crawlies.

Come the spring and the ox-eye daisies and other wildflowers will attract butterflies and many different types of bumble bee, while the bug hotel will provide living quarters for more bees, ladybirds and lacewings.

The firm has worked with charity Buglife to put in the gardens.

Mike Drew, biodiversity action plan scientist at Anglian Water, said: “Every patch of ground can have value for wildlife.

“Many bees and other pollinating insects are declining, but the plants they pollinate include the crops we eat. Our survival is linked to theirs and we have to do what we can to help them.

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“Wildflower patches like the ones we are planting act as stepping stones, helping the insects to spread around the country and to thrive.

“If this works well we’ll look to create wildflower gardens at our other sites around the region.”