Buckden petrol station to re-open after 9 months of delays

REFURBISHMENT work at a Huntingdonshire petrol station which has been dogged by nearly nine months of delays is finally drawing to a close.

Signs have gone up informing motorists Buckden petrol station will be re-opening on September 16 and a spokesman for site-owners Shell confirmed that work to install new pumps, a new shop and new tanks was progressing.

The Great North Road facility which closed in November last year was due to re-open in January with a new shop and larger service area.

Since its closure residents have faced a seven-mile round trip to Brampton Hut for petrol.

The station hit the headlines three months ago after it emerged experts had to be called in following a leak from an out-of-service fuel tank.

Though Huntingdonshire District Council’s environmental health team, who investigated the leak, said there was no threat to drinking water, they ordered a clean-up and additional monitoring.

On Monday, a Shell spokesman said: “The clean-up is all in progress and is being handled by the Environment Agency. We are working in line with all the Environment Agency requirements and guidelines.

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“It is all in hand and the station is due to re-open in September with new pumps, a new shop and new tanks, and an all-singing, brand-new facility in place.”