Schoolgirl cuts her hair so friend can have a wig

Darcey Baillie and Summer Brocklebank

Darcey Baillie and Summer Brocklebank - Credit: Dawn Brockleback

A schoolgirl has cut her hair so her friend can receive a wig from a children's' charity.  

Summer Brocklebank,  aged nine, from Buckden, had 12 inches cut from her hair which she donated to the Little Princess Trust. 

She has also raised more than £400 for the charity and has done all of this, in inspiration of her friend Darcey Baillie, who is aged 10.

Summer Brocklebank has cut 12 inches off her hair. 

Summer Brocklebank has cut 12 inches off her hair. - Credit: Summer Brocklebank

Darcey has suffered for the last 18 months with Alopecia Areata and has recently received her wig.  

Dawn Brocklebank, Summer’s mum, says she is very proud of her daughter for raising the money.

“Proud beyond words of two special, brave and kind girls We are so proud of both these girls, Darcey Baillie is a brave and strong young lady and a great friend to Summer and we are so proud of Summer for doing such a kind and thoughtful gesture.”

Both girls are pupils in Year 5 at Buckden Primary School and have been friends since reception year. When Summer found out Darcey needed a wig she wanted to cut her hair and donate it to Darcey, 

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Darcey came over while Summer had her hair cut for the Little Princess Trust who have now given Darcey a wig. 

If you would like to donate visit: