Bridegroom Matt declares love for new bride in a rap video

Matt Collins presents new bride with wedding video

Matt Collins presents new bride with wedding video - Credit: Archant

It is usually the bride who gets all the attention on the big day - but groom Matt Collins decided he wanted to declare his love for new wife Melissa in a way she would remember for ever.

So, instead of the more traditional groom’s speech, he donned a colourful outfit and made a rap video, which he presented to Melissa Dales after the ceremony at St Mary the Virgin Church in Newport on July 9. The couple are from St Ives and Matt filmed his declaration of love in Huntingdon and St Ives.

“My intention was to not only demonstrate my love towards my wife Melissa but to also show that the people of Huntingdon are mostly warm and friendly. I’m not from Huntingdon, but work locally and was slightly disappointed with the negative press received recently involving racist attacks following Brexit.

People engaged with the flamboyant pimp clothing and David Kinally (Dotty Photography) and I were approached several times by members of the public who wanted to contribute towards something meaningful; this was apparent in St Ives too.”

See Matt’s wedding video at: