Residents in Brampton are objecting to plans that could see a new care home and flats built in the village.

Construction traffic has been a problem for residents in Thrapston Road. Picture: CONTRIBUTEDConstruction traffic has been a problem for residents in Thrapston Road. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

An application for a 70-bed care home and flats in Thrapston Road have been submitted and villagers have raised concerns over the new development, fearing that it could have a detrimental impact.

The application has been submitted on behalf of Histon-based firm This Land Limited.

The application site is currently part of a small farmstead bordered by the A14 to the north and Thrapston Road to the south. The farm was most recently in use for grazing but is now vacant.

The proposed development seeks permission for a 70-bed care home and residential development of up to 30 homes, with car parking and landscaping.

A group of residents have come together to form a pressure group called ‘Brampton Residents Against Development’ to try and stop numerous developments going ahead in the village as they fear that it would bring traffic issues and would be unsafe for residents.

Ellie Nokes, who lives in Crane Street, said: “There are a number of issues that we have with this development. It is a small pocket of land with the access onto Thrapston Road. Due to over developments in the village, there is already a queue of construction traffic down the road in the mornings and in the evenings and it is only going to get worse.

“We have a lot of developments already happening here and all we are asking is that developers just wait. We won’t be able to see the impact until it will be too late.”

Villagers are also concerned about the traffic impact of infrastructure, road safety and the air pollution that the development would have, as Thrapston road is already busy.

Esther Pauley, a resident in Dorling Way, said: “There are just so many issues concerning this development. We aren’t saying that we don’t want homes, it’s just every bit of land we have, seems to be built on. For example, at this Thrapston Road development, they are proposing to build a zebra crossing coming off of the roundabout which wouldn’t be safe. There is construction traffic everywhere, and cars parked all over the place. It is becoming a safety hazard.”

Access to the site would be provided directly onto Thrapston Road, with two entry points proposed and an internal connecting road running through the site.

Concerns have also been raised over the strain of the GP surgery if the proposed development is approved.

Danielle Gordon, who lives in Crane Street said: “The surgery is already shared with Alconbury and we have seen the impact of this in Crane Street. It currently only has eight parking spaces and so the overspill comes out to Crane Street and makes visibility hard. It’s just going to get worse.”

The plan will be considered by councillors at an upcoming development management panel hearing.