Brampton Park Golf Club are top of the leader-board for fundraising

A HUNTINGDONSHIRE golf club has hit a hole-in-one by raising more than �15,000 for charity - potentially making it top of the leader-board in fundraising efforts.

Brampton Park Club captains Alan Wood and June Cowper organised a range of events throughout the year for the Alzheimer’s Society including an auction, which raised �6,000, and a golf marathon of 72 holes.

The final five-figure sum is thought to be the largest amount ever raised by a golf club for the charity. Reassurances have been made that the money will be used to fund schemes and peer support groups in Cambridgeshire.

Mr Wood’s father and Mrs Cowper’s mother-in-law have both suffered with dementia. Mr Wood’s father had the disease in the last years of his life and Mrs Cowper’s mother-in-law is the early stages.

Mr Wood said: “My father went down with dementia in the last couple of years of his life. The impact it has on the relatives is very difficult and we decided the Alzheimer’s Society would be a very worthwhile cause.”

Mrs Cowper said: “It’s sad. People with dementia don’t know who you are. She remembers my husband as a little boy but not as a grown man.

“We have asked the Alzheimer’s Society if the money can be used locally, rather than going into one big national pot.”

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A range of local businesses donated prizes for the July auction, while Mrs Cowper and three team members took all day to complete the 72-hole round in June.

She said: “It was hard work. We started at 6am and just carried on going. The vice-captain kept us supplied with food, coming up in a buggy. It was very good fun but we were shattered when we finished.”

Russell Rolph, a community fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society said: “As a charity, the society relies upon the goodwill and generosity of individuals and organisations like Brampton park Golf Club.

“This is a fantastic amount of money and I would like to thank June, Alan and all the members for their fantastic support. It is very much appreciated.

“The money will be used to maintain services local services in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire. It will fund things like our pub lunch scheme, peer support groups and all the things we do locally over the next 12 months.

“It’s an amazing amount of money to raise in this difficult economic climate.”