Utopia Hair Bar in Brampton is raising money for Godmanchester Foodbank

Utopia Hair Bar in Brampton is raising money for Godmanchester Foodbank

Utopia Hair Bar in Brampton is raising money for Godmanchester Foodbank Left to right: Robyn Adams, Sarah Jacka, Claire Sawford and Sadie Higgs. - Credit: Archant

Utopia Hair Bar in Brampton is aiming to raise £200 for Godmanchester Foodbank. 

The salon would usually hold a Christmas evening, but due to Covid-19 precautions they have opted to do a fundraising raffle this year instead. 

Manager Sarah Jacka who has been at the salon for 12 years explained the inspiration behind the idea. 

Sarah said: We like the idea of keeping it quite local and I am a single mum, I haven’t had to use food banks, but knowing what furlough did to a one income household, I know there were a lot of people in my situation that have had to. 

Owner Claire Sawford of Utopia Hair Bar

Owner Claire Sawford of Utopia Hair Bar - Credit: Archant

“I was fortunate to be in a business where I could be coming back in and out of furlough when things were easing. 

“There are just so many people that have had it really hard over the last few years and there are now more people using that service more than ever and no one deserves to be hungry this Christmas.

“As a mum as well, if someone has £20 I would rather they have the money to buy their child a little gift and had the luxury of having the food been given to them."

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There are four prizes up for grabs in the raffle, including a cut and blow dry, a L’Oreal professional shampoo and conditioner, a Get Lippy letterbox pamper kit and a L’Oreal professional travel set to be won.  

Sarah also believes in shopping locally this Christmas, she said: “It is really important that small businesses have local support.

“Caring for your environment and your community is also beneficial to encouraging people to shop locally.  

“We are also part of the green salon selective, we produce minimal landfill waste, all of our hair, our PPE, everything except used tissues are recycled in some sort of way such as producing a bio fuel.

“So shopping local not only helps local businesses but you will be helping the environment in terms of car journeys and reducing emissions in the air.” 

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