Village Focus: Brampton 'a fabulous village to live in'

Volunteers Rhiannon and Jillian Sanders, Marie Shepperson and Caroline Hayward who helped to serve lunches in the October...

Volunteers Rhiannon and Jillian Sanders, Marie Shepperson and Caroline Hayward who helped to serve lunches in the October half term last year. - Credit: Black Bull Brampton

Brampton is a large village with a population of %,462 and has a garden centre, church, shops and is home to The Manor care home.

John Morris, Huntingdonshire District Councillor for Brampton, said: “I think it is a fabulous village to live in, it does have an exceptional community spirit. 

“A really good example of that, is when the pandemic broke last year, within days, the village had set up the Brampton Community Support Network. 

“A lot of people volunteered and came forward and were supporting people who were shielding neighbours, elderly people and so forth. 

“That is still going on today, we have something called the Brampton Village Hub, which a group of volunteers who help a whole range of community support networks.” 

Chairman of the village hub is Peter Menczer and he has plans to build a Men's Shed on the Memorial Playing Fields in Brampton. 

The group has applied for planning permission and are hoping this will be granted in March and construction of the shed will start shortly afterwards and be up and running later in the year.

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Mens' Sheds are community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of men to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation. 

John also mentioned the exceptional help people provided when the floods came last December, a group was started called the Brampton Sandbag Co-ordinators. 

John said: “Another fantastic example is when we had the floods on Christmas Eve. Lots of people rallied round to help and make DIY sandbags. 

The Black Bull in Brampton contributed during the Covid-19 pandemic too, by providing free hot school lunches back in October half term 2020.  

They managed to raise £1,500 on their Just Giving page and served a variety of fresh pasta, vegetarian, fish and chips and the old classics such as bangers and mash. Volunteers, Rhiannon and Jillian Sanders, Marie Shepperson and Caroline Hayward were also involved. 

Measures Butchers in the village also helped out by donating meat. 

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