Brampton couple appeal for help in search for missing African grey parrot, Bobby

Brampton couple are searching for their missing parrot Bobby

Brampton couple are searching for their missing parrot Bobby - Credit: Archant

A Brampton couple say they are not giving up hope as the search continues for their missing African grey parrot, Bobby.

Bobby, who has been in owner Stephan Swiffin’s life for 12 years after his father brought him home, went missing on November 19 and has not been seen since.

Mr Swiffin and his fiancé, Michele Jones, of Flint Close, let Bobby out of his cage so they could clean it before taking him to a family friend to look after for a week.

Miss Jones said: “He was on top of the cage ready to take him to a friend for him to look after and then he flew out the window and on to the back of the fence and then flew away.

“Steve leaped over the garden fence and into the next street but Bobby managed to fly off.”

Despite there being no sightings of the bird for three weeks, the couple are not giving up and continue their search for him alongside family and friends.

“I’ve been out around the neighbourhood playing video clips of him singing and talking which he normally responds to but there has been no sightings at all,” added Miss Jones.

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They have also put posters up around the village, posted on local Facebook sites as well as having contacted vets, pet shops, garden centres, the Raptor Foundation and Wood Green Animal Shelter.

“So many people have kindly shared our posts and kept a look out for us and they, as well as ourselves, have been trawling through sites such as Gumtree to see if anyone is trying to sell Bobby.”

According to his owners, Bobby is not microchipped and does not have a leg ring as it slipped off when he was a baby.

“His wings were due to be clipped but we left it too long. Bobby doesn’t normally fly, if he does he normally dives into the garden and then walks through the back door into the house.”

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Bobby they are being asked to contact the couple on 07876300875.

“We just want him back, he is a family member who is not only loved and missed but he is of great sentimental value too for my fiancé,” added Miss Jones.