Brampton butchers win awards for delicious pies and sausages

Emma Talic, Zoe McLoughlin and Ana Talic work at Measures Butchers in Brampton

Emma Talic, Zoe McLoughlin and Ana Talic work at Measures Butchers in Brampton. - Credit: HUNTS POST

A butchers in Brampton has been recognised in the Great Taste awards of 2021. 

Measures Butchers in Brampton have received awards from the Guild of Fine Foods for three of its home-made products. 

The Guild of Fine Foods held a Great Taste event on Tuesday, September 21, in which Measures Butchers won two awards.  

Measures Butcher’s traditional breakfast sausage received a two-star accolade with their traditional breakfast sausages and beef & bombardier and steak stilton pies each receiving one-star.  

Their traditional steak & kidney pie received a similar award in 2019.  

The judges were quick to praise the breakfast sausage and said: “We cannot fault these delicious sausages. They look glossy, plump and inviting and cut well.  

“They are seasoned well, porky, with a really good texture, we can imagine the best sausage sandwich in the world made with them.” 

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The judges also loved the Beef & Bombardier Pie and added: “This is a very good-looking pie with a beautiful pastry and golden colouring on it too.  

“The filling is generous, saucy and appealing. We loved the flavour of the bitter which comes through well at the beginning.  Perhaps a touch more of this would enhance the experience even more.  The crust really is delicious.” 

The judges were wowed by Measures Steak & Stilton Pie: “This golden topped pie looked most inviting and it didn't disappoint.  

“It is well filled with plenty of gravy, generous amounts of tender meat and good seasoning.  

“The pastry was also well seasoned and delicious and looked home-made with the crimping detail.  An excellent pie." 

Measures is a family business which has been running for 37 years and is now onto its third generation of pie makers. All the pies are produced daily, onsite, by hand.  

Their award-winning sausages are still produced to grandad Pete Baughen’s treasured recipes.  

Pete sadly died five years ago but the business is carried on by his twin daughters Zoe McLoughlin and Emma Talic and granddaughter Ana although all his grandchildren have worked in the business at some stage.  

Emma said: ‘We still make our products the old-fashioned way, by hand!”