Runs around Priory Park helped Cameron to complete his charity ‘marathon’.

Cameron Hall from St Neots at finish line                                                PICTURE: Helen HallCameron Hall from St Neots at finish line PICTURE: Helen Hall

A nine-year-old boy from St Neots has completed a ‘marathon’ to raise money for ‘NHS charities Together.’

Cameron Hall set himself a goal on April 24 to run roughly two miles a day to raise the money.

He has been running around Priory Park with his mum and other family members.

Cameron, who set out to raise £50 has in fact, managed to bring in £650.

He said: “I am so happy to have reached my target and completed the marathon.

“Some days it was hard to run in the evenings and some days it was easy to run in the mornings as the sun was shining.

“I was inspired to do this challenge because the NHS are helping people to better and for us when it is safe again in turn to see friends and family again.”

Cameron’s Mum, Helen Hall said: “We are so proud of what Cameron has achieved and we are immensely grateful for all the support we have received form everyone.”