Bomb threat sent to Huntingdonshire primary school

CHILDREN at a Huntingdonshire primary school have been sent home after a bomb threat was emailed to staff.

Teachers at Little Paxton Primary School contacted police at 9.30am today. Officers are still at the scene – although no device has been found.

Concerned parents have contacted The Hunts Post following the bomb scare, the second to be sent to a local primary school in less than four weeks.

Worried mum Joanne Clark, 34, said: “I was at home, just doing the housework, when I got a call just after 11 o’clock. It was one of the tutors, saying I needed to pick the children up because they had had a bomb scare at the school. Before they had even finished their sentence I had put the phone down and was running down the road.

“There were quite a few worried parents collecting their children. They had been taken to sit and wait on a green area near Sweetings Avenue.”

Mrs Clark, who has two sons at the school, aged five and eight, said the children were relaxed and the staff were calm.

She said: “I couldn’t praise them enough. They were very organised.

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“You don’t expect something like this in Little Paxton. We’re such a small, tight-knit community. At the end of the day it’s probably a hoax but you can’t risk it. Whoever is sending these emails needs to be caught. They are a sick individual doing it for kicks and it is not acceptable.”

On May 29, children at The Vine Inter-Church Primary School in Cambourne were evacuated after staff received an emailed bomb threat.