New mum’s ambition to cut down on plastic waste leads to launch of ‘refill station’

Clare Anderson runs her refill station from her home in Bluntisham

Clare Anderson runs her refill station from her home in Bluntisham - Credit: Archant

A mother from Bluntisham has opened a refill station in her house, in an effort to help save the environment.

Clare Anderson, 32, of Wheatley Crescent, decided to set up her own refill station in her home, selling products including laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and washing up liquid, to try to encourage people to reuse plastic bottles and reduce waste.

Clare, who is a teacher but currently on maternity leave, said she wanted to do something with her time away from work, and had started to become more conscious of plastic waste and its impact on the environment.

She said: "I basically wanted to do something useful whilst on maternity leave, that would be able to fit in around me, which is when I came up with this idea.

"I'm really passionate about reducing our plastic waste, especially as I have a five-month-old daughter who I want to grow up in a world that is not littered with plastic.

"All people need to do is bring their empty containers to my house, and we can fill them up with eco-friendly products. I get all of the products from a brand called SISI.

"I only started the business last month and I have already had a lot of interest. I think people want to reduce their plastic waste but are not sure where to start, which is where the idea for Clare's Refill Station came from.

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"I am hoping that the business will grow and grow and we can start stocking other products like shampoo and conditioner. I am hoping that it will also bring a sense of community and that I can meet some new friends whilst doing it."

Clare will be running a stall at the Bluntisham Craft Fair on November 16 at Bluntisham Village Hall to demonstrate what is available. Entry to the event is free.

To find out more about the refill station, search for 'Clare's Refill Station' on Facebook.

Are you doing something different to save the environment or reduce waste? E-mail and tell us what you have planned.