Firefighters battled a fire at a farm building in Alconbury.

At least 20 firefighters, with two crews from Huntingdon, one from Sawtry, and one from St Neots, were called to a vehicle which was on fire inside the building in Woolley Road at 7.05pm yesterday (September 9).

Four firefighters extinguished the flames by 7.49pm, and returned to base by 8.45pm. However, they received another call at 9.09pm to say that the fire had possibly started again inside the building and a crew from Papworth returned. A fire had broken out in the roof timbers and two firefighters put it out before using thermal imaging cameras to check for hotspots and dampen down the area. They were then back at their stations by 10.40pm.

The fire started accidentally, caused by a fault with equipment.