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Some of the team at Black Cat Radio. 

Some of the team at Black Cat Radio. - Credit: Black Cat Radio

This time last year, the Black Cat Radio team was looking forward to attending the many outdoor events St Neots has to offer.

Like everyone else, we were disappointed. But despite poor weather, we thoroughly enjoyed being at the Christmas markets in the Market Square. It was the only time our “Catmobile” went out on the road.

2020 was still a year of great achievement for the station. The new 102.5FM frequency with added power and added reach, thanks to the regulator OFCOM and hard work behind the scenes. A new transmitter site. Huge increases on listenership both online and on FM. Trebling of our social media support.

But the greatest achievement, and with thanks to St Neots St Mary’s Rotary Club and St Neots Round Table, was adopting a new “play out” system which enabled our presenters to create their varied shows from home.

So, what’s new for 2021? Well, our target is to provide locally created output 24 hours a day. Our statistics only suggest that some do listen through the night, so we want to cater better for them than merely computer-generated “juke box” music. We have already been joined by two new presenters, Melody Schroeder and Pete Robbins.

Melody is keen to present a mix of music and chat, and already, just a few shows in, she has chatted with Microsoft and Greenpeace. She marked President Biden’s inauguration with a fascinating chat with Dawn Weiss Smith who, with husband Joseph, did so much for their adopted community.

Now back in the USA, I’m sure we will hear more from Dawn. Isn’t online broadcasting wonderful? Pete will be known by many as one half of Just Tom and Pete and he can’t wait to work on a new programme showcasing local music talent.

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The output of Black Cat Radio has evolved greatly in the last 12 months. If you just want wall to wall music, don’t listen to us. We are committed to bringing local and national talk features to the station as well as looking forward to working closely with the Hunts Post. Wednesday mornings on the breakfast show, you will hear Hunts Post reporter Alex Collett.

Our presenters on Black Cat Radio have made many friends and as the station approaches its fourth official birthday, we look forward to maintaining our presence in the town. At any time, you can contact us at: