Birthday coincidence brings friends closer together

TWO friends have defied the odds by giving birth to baby boys on each other’s birthdays.

Laura Pope and Sophie Bright have been best-friends since they were pupils at Longsands College.

The pair, both aged 27, travelled for a year together around Australia, have worked alongside each other and now the new mothers can now claim an even closer bond.

Laura, who lives in Little Paxton, was due to give birth to her son Charlie on February 17, but he arrived three days early on February 14 - Sophie’s birthday.

Six months later, Sophie, of Love’s Farm, St Neots, was preparing for an August 2 birth, when her son Henry arrived on July 27 - Laura’s birthday.

The coincidence has been a source of extra celebration for both mums and their families.

Laura said: “When I gave birth on Sophie’s birthday we both said ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if you had your baby on my birthday.’

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“I had just been in the swimming pool with my son on my birthday, when I got a phonecall to say Sophie had given birth.

“It is a new chapter in our lives, and we are really pleased that we can celebrate it together.”