Bid for new electric vehicle charging points is approved

The plans were approved by Huntingdonshire District Council.

The plans were approved by Huntingdonshire District Council. - Credit: Archant

The go-ahead has been given for two rapid electric vehicle charging stations at a St Neots retail park.

A bid by InstaVolt Ltd to install the chargers at the Quora Retail Park in Howard Road, Eaton Socon, has been approved by Huntingdonshire District Council.

The chargers will be fitted in two spaces in the parking area.

St Neots Town Council also approved the installation of the chargers saying they met its "long-term strategic view" and was in line with its neighbourhood plan.

The town council said the chargers made the most effective use of the site.

Planners at the district council said: "The associated parking spaces will be marked out to indicate they are specifically for electric vehicle recharging.

"Given the commercial nature of the site and the scale of the charging units, it is considered the charging points will not create an unacceptable visual impact on the wider area."

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Planners said: "In addition, the Huntingdonshire local plan and the St Neots neighbourhood plan support the introduction of electrical charging points as a more environmentally friendly mode of transport through the use of cleaner energy."

They said the two chargers now brought the site into line with recommended standards for such developments.

Planners described the development as not having an adverse impact in terms of overshadowing, overlooking and loss of privacy. It would also not increase the risk of flooding.

They said: "The proposed development is considered to be compliant with the relevant national and local policy as it is of an appropriate scale and design, would not have a harmful impact upon the character and appearance of the area, would not have a significantly detrimental impact upon the amenity of neighbours, would not have a harmful impact upon highway safety and would not adversely affect flood risk in the locality.

"Taking national and local planning policies into account, and having regard for all relevant material considerations, it is recommended that planning permission be granted, subject to the imposition of appropriate conditions."