Workplace lunch turns into 60 years of wedded bliss for Huntingdon couple

Betty and Brian on their wedding day

Betty and Brian on their wedding day - Credit: Archant

A couple who met over lunch at work are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary this month.

Betty and Brian Duck have just celebrated their 60 years of wedded bliss, after meeting as teenagers.

The pair, who have two children and two grandchildren, met at work in London at Romney House, when Brian was 16 and Betty was 19.

Betty said: “I met Brian when he was working as the office boy, and the older girls use to take it in turns to take him out for his lunch.

“It was my turn one day and we just got on really well and the rest is history.”

The duo decided to get married a couple of years later, when Betty was 24 and Brian was 21.

Betty said: “We just clicked; I think that we were meant for each other. Our engagement wasn’t like what people do now. There was no down on one knee, we just decided that we wanted to get married, so we did.

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“Our wedding was a great day, we had our friends and family there and just enjoyed it. We got married and then had the reception in a village hall in Crouch End, it was lovely but nothing like today’s weddings.”

Betty worked as a tracer and Brian as a chartered structural engineer. The pair have moved around the country and even lived in Saudi Arabia.

“We have lived all over the country as well as in Saudi Arabia where we had to go because of Brian’s work. We lived there for a couple of years and moved to Cornwall for 13 years. We have family that live in Huntingdon and thought it would be silly not to move up here to be closer to them.”

The two now live in Huntingdon and have done for 10 years and say that the secret to a happy marriage is humour.

Betty, 84, said: “The key to a good marriage is making each other laugh. We are in our 80s now and we are still making each other laugh as much as we did back then.

It’s also really important to have similar interest and us two have always enjoyed the same things, which is probably one of the main reason we are still together.”

The couple celebrated their anniversary on September 13.