Bereaved parents raising money for Hinchingbrooke maternity ward

YOUNG couple Aimee Lake and Ben Holloway are wise beyond their years.

At only 19 and 20 years old, they have experienced a tragedy that a couple twice their age would struggle to come to terms with.

In October last year, Aimee and Ben, were expecting their first child together, a little girl they had decided to call Gracie.

However, just one day before she was due to be born, they were given the shattering news that their daughter had died.

Gracie was stillborn on October 11 but caring midwives at Hinchingbrooke Hospital helped the devastated couple bathe their little girl and spend some precious time with her before they said goodbye.

Now, less than six months later, they are determined to raise as much money as possible for the midwives who took care of them and the charity SANDS, which offered support and advice in the weeks and months following their loss.

They have already donated a new television to the maternity unit but want to do more.

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Ben said: “We were given lots of time with Gracie and we did everything parents should do with their baby when it’s born. The midwives let us have as much time with her as we wanted.”

Aimee added: “The midwives couldn’t be more helpful. It’s not easy for them to go through that with us.”

The couple were given a memory box that contains cards and prints of their daughter’s hands and feet to remember her.

Aimee said: “It’s gorgeous and pink and we want to get some more really nice ones for other parents.”

Aimee has already taken part in a zumbathon and plans to do another soon, and is also planning a concert in the Commemoration Hall with her dad.

The next confirmed fundraising event is on May 12, when family and friends will take part in the 65-mile London to Brighton Challenge.

Ben said: “Everybody has been so supportive. We’re putting all our energy into this. We want to raise awareness too; we don’t want to scare people but it does happen. But, if it does, there is so much help out there. You can get through it and it does get easier.”

Currently, bereaved parents are entitled to six counselling sessions on the NHS to help them deal with their loss, but Aimee would like this to be increased – or money made available to fund private sessions.

She said: “I don’t think that’s enough really. It’s a massive part of your life, gone. I would like to raise money for people to continue with counselling. We try and get on with things but there are still days when it’s just awful. We’ve got each other but sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone outside.”

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