Beatles knowledge is far from Pointless for Kris

Pointless duo

Pointless duo - Credit: Archant

Being able to recall obscure facts and knowledge proved to be a winning formula for St Neots man Kris Griffiths who won a share of the jackpot on the TV show Pointless which aired last Thursday.

Kris appeared on the show with his friend Paul Wallace on July 20 and the pair managed to make their way through to the final after answering questions on films, geography and music.

In the final round, a question came up about a Beatles album and Kris said he was confident they had won before even answering.

“When The Beatles came up for the final question it was just a great feeling to know instantly that we’d won - the album we had to choose tracks from was one of my favourite records during university days, so it was easy to reel off most of the tracklist, and, of course, two of the three answers were pointless.

Kris, 36 who is a freelance writer, said appearing on the show would be one of the highlights of his life.

“It felt bizarre stepping into the studio for the first time after watching it on TV so religiously. But it was just one of those days when exactly the right questions came up, for our areas of expertise. On the pictures round in the head-to-head I recognised a faraway place I’d visited only a few years previously that won us that round, then called upon a distant memory of a computer game I used to play as a teenager which saw us through to the final.

“I never thought we’d do it on our first attempt and it would actually have been nice to have played a second time. That’s what good about the show - you get a second go if you mess up the first time. But it all turned out perfect in the end and it’s definitely one of my life highlights.”